Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Exploring Zambales: Anawangin, Capones and Camara Island.

Philippines has many beautiful places to offer. 7107 islands, woah, and I assured you, you'll never regret of travelling to those islands.
My friend and I decided to go to Anawangin cove, Zambales. Just the two of us but its always better if you travel by group. Anyway, I did enjoy the exploration lol. I hope with these pictures I could tell how beautiful Anawangin and two other islands are.

We climb on to the top of the mountain to capture the other part of the island and here's what we've got. There's no one in that island, kinda scary haha..

This was where we slept for the night. Honestly, the sound of the wind and other living creature around us scared me and to think we're just two girls in there haha It was one of the odd things I've done in my life and it feels great!

We did managed to cook our lunch and dinner for the day using firewood, now I can live alone haha we used gas and lighter though. lol

Anawangin Island is a camping site, we travel via boat to get there but if you want more adventure you could hike across the mountain to Anawangin. (next time I'll go there, i'll try the adventurous part)

Spent time swimming around with this clear water.

After Anawangin, we went island hoping. From anawangin to Capones Island and Camara Island. 

waiting? for who? lol

The heat of the sun burned my skin lol, so when i came to office after the trip, they were all shocked with my new set of skin haha

We also tried snorkeling :)

It was one of memorable trips I've had. Since my friend Rox will go to Norway to fulfill her dream in few months. Being with her that day made me more missed her :(

I hope you all could experienced more than what i've experienced here at Anawangin, Capones and Camara Island trip.

Click here on how to get there. (Since im not good in direction I used another blog for your convenience)

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