Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What I was thinking when we met.

Walking barefoot just to look for where you are.
I thought of searching in the corners of the world.
but I found you, love, standing at the middle of the road.
Your eyes looked where am i
And it’s the first time I melt
Every time was like a first time when you’re in love.
We spent the night under a caffeine influence.
You were so close.
I smiled, and you held my hands.
I looked at you with shock of innocence
Then you kissed my hand.
you move your head up and then you smile.
It was the moment the world stop.
The longest time I spent outside reality.
A dream of a once-upon-a-time starting to be told in me.
I wish destiny has something to do with it.
But my love I don’t believe in destiny.
Miracles have found us to be a living testimony.
That love as much as broken it was
Will fought till the end until the beginning of new love
My love, It’s a miracle that I found you.
You don’t look for scientific reason.
It’s a divine intervention.
I knew heaven rejoice for that moment.
I can still hear the sounds of angels harps.
Scrambled moments of what will go on in a future me.
Uncertain but the present is far more beautiful than the future.
I'm ready to take the risk.
and you ask me, what were you thinking when we met?
It’s the only time I am so sure of one thing.

I think “I love you”.