Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The right soundtrack

" The other day I was crossing the street, lost in my head about something - a not uncommon state of affairs. I was listening to the overture and as the music began to swell I suddenly realized that: I had hands. And legs, and a torso, and that I was surrounded by people and cars. It's hard to explain exactly what happened, but I felt in that moment that the divine - however we may choose to define such a thing - surely dwells as much in the concrete and taxi cabs as it does in the rivers, lakes, and mountains. Grace, I realized, is neither time nor place dependent. All we need is the right soundtrack. "- Jesse Fisher, Liberal Arts. 

Yes, all we need is the right soundtrack then we're OKAY. Can someone agree with me and Jesse Fisher? lol Those music created to comfort you emotionally, get you back on the track and made you feel, "life is about the right soundtrack". For a music lover like me (who plays guitar without strings and sing-off-tune P.S I still manage people to like me) that's how I cure some of my pain, heartaches, brokenness, of course, not all the time (Prayers is still the best cure). Music is like a friend you'll have through good-times and bad-times, a friend who knows exactly what you've been through and a friend who'll tell you what you need to hear. But, like a friend you need to find the right one because not all are good to your ears. Music dwells around us, stop by and have time to listen.

P.S I wonder, how many songs are yet to be made that I haven't experienced yet? hmmm..I would love to hear them anyway. 

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