Saturday, July 20, 2013


My friend and I with our very own ala-marimar-shot. Isn't she lovely?

My perfect Sunday was spent by hearing the word of God. I got the chance to hear Bo Sanchez preaching at the PICC with my friend karuray. That moment when you want answers for every problems you've encountered then suddenly a preaching struck you from the heart as if he knows you personally. Yeah I know, its amazing. God planned everything in purpose. So what I've learned from the preaching?
Honor your parents - Bo said that once we grow old, we'll figure out how parents are imperfect, they made mistakes, they failed but the bible says honor them anyway. God gave them an authority over your life. We may disobey our parents but never dishonor them.
Do not provoke your child to anger - same with parents, love & lead your child so he or she could grow up a grace-filled person.
Everyone is a mystery - dont look at a person by their mistakes or failures or sins because there is more than that person. He/she is shaped, chiseled., formed from the divine resources by our great God.
Be with people who are fascinated in you, with people who sees the greatness in you, with people who'll lead you to a blessed life.
And lastly, Bo said,  i know someone who is grace-filled, his name is JESUS CHRIST.
Wisdom, healing, provision and deliverance. Claimed it!
Dreams do come true by faith.
Visions are real, there's a reason why God revealed it to you. Asked him how to put it in reality, be lead by HIM.

What a blessed Sunday. Hope you'll have a great start of the week everyone. 

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